Monday, May 9, 2016

World’s Most Infamous Drug Lord Had a Pretty Interesting Thing to Say When ‘Donald Trump’ Came Up

The Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has become a notorious figure as of late, both for his ruthless tactics and for the brazen method he used to break out of an “inescapable” prison.

Now. the cartel head once again sits behind bars, drawn out out of hiding as a result of a controversial interview with Hollywood actor Sean Penn and Mexican actress Kate del Castillo — with whom El Chapo had an “obsession,” Fox News reports.

Sitting down with Geraldo Rivera, del Castillo spoke about that rendezvous, including what the drug kingpin had to say about another man who’s been dominating media headlines: Donald Trump.

The Mexican actress told Rivers that, during the interview, El Chapo had just two words to describe the billionaire presidential candidate: “Mi amigo.”

The phrase — Spanish for “my friend” — is an interesting choice, especially considering that El Chapo reportedly sent Trump an expletive-filled tweet, prompting the candidate to contact the FBI due to its threatening nature.

That message came as a response to two of Trump’s own that he sent in July of 2015:

Though del Castillo’s interview with El Chapo was said to be instrumental in leading to his January 2016 arrest and re-imprisonment, the drug lord’s future behind bars now seems to be in question.

Just days ago, El Chapo was suddenly transferred from a high-security Mexican prison to one considered less secure, which is also said to lie in the heart of territory under the control of his cartel.

It’s a move which both U.S. and Mexican experts have questioned, saying that it “just doesn’t make any sense.”

You can watch more of the interview here:

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