Monday, May 9, 2016

Fort McMurray: Canada Fire Destroys 20 Percent of City, Will Take ‘Months’ to Subdue

A group trying to rescue animals from Fort McMurray wait at road block on Highway 63 as smoke rises from a forest fire near Fort McMurray, Alberta on May 6, 2016. Canadian police led convoys of cars through the burning ghost town of Fort McMurray Friday in a risky operation to get people to safety far to the south.In the latest chapter of the drama triggered by monster fires in Alberta's oil sands region, the convoys of 50 cars at a time are driving through the city at about 50-60 kilometers per hour (30-40 miles per hour) TV footage showed. / AFP / Cole Burston/ (Photo credit should read COLE BURSTON//AFP/Getty Images)
The sweeping wildfire that has consumed a fifth of Fort McMurray, Canada, has slowed its march over the city’s surrounding forests, but experts still warn it could be “months” before the last ember is put out.
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by Frances Martel || Image Credit

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