Monday, May 9, 2016

BREAKING: Paul Ryan makes STUNNING concession to Donald Trump

Although he’s not yet ready to openly support Donald Trump’s candidacy, Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t necessarily in a fighting stance.

Last week, after Ryan said he couldn’t yet support Trump, The Donald said he was “blindsided” by Ryan’s comments. “I mean, to be honest. I like Paul Ryan. I think he’s a very good guy. He called me three weeks ago, and he was so supportive. It was amazing. And I never thought a thing like this. I got blindsided by this,” Trump said. “I was blindsided a little bit, because he spoke to me three weeks ago, and it was a very nice call, a very encouraging call. I was doing well. He called me, I think, to congratulate me about New York, ’cause I won by massive numbers. I won everything. And then the next week, I won the five states in a row by all landslide numbers.”

As reported by CBS News, in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the presumptive GOP nominee was asked whether Ryan could serve a chairman of the convention if he doesn’t endorse Trump.

“I don’t want to mention now. I’ll see after. I will give you a very solid answer, if that happens, about one minute after that happens. Okay?” Trump said. “But there’s no reason to give it right now, but I’ll be very quick with the answer. Let’s see what happens.”

So in essence, Trump was not ruling out the possibility of asking Ryan to step down from presiding over the convention. Whether or not the RNC rules would allow that to officially happen is another thing, but clearly the rift in the GOP is not anywhere near healing.

However, today Ryan said he would step down as chairman of the July convention if Trump asked him to, according to tweet posted by a Milwaukee Sentinel reporter

“.@SpeakerRyan on whether he’d step down as convention chair if Trump asks: I’ll do whatever he asks me to do,” Christian Schneider, one of the newspaper’s columnists, tweeted.

Ryan also said in the interview he is steadfastly opposed to a third-party candidate, even if it were 2012 party nominee Mitt Romney, Schneider said in another tweet, according to MSN.

Well that’s a relief. So for what it’s worth (about two cents), here’s what I think.
The Republican establishment will do whatever it can to distance itself from Donald Trump, essentially saying to the American voters who want him, you can have him.

They’re expecting to see him crash and burn against Hillary in November, and then in 2020 they can all ride in on their white horses saying, “See? See? We TOLD you so! Now let the grown-ups handle this one.”

Regarding that approach, I have two words: McCain and Romney.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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